NFL Receiver Pays Tribute to Stan Lee with Custom Cleats

If you're looking for proof that there's room in this world for both comics and sports, turn on the current Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons game.

Mohamed Sanu Sr. is currently playing football in style, honoring the late Stan Lee with custom cleats that officially put all other shoes to shame.

The shoes, which commemorate Lee with and his iconic creation, Spider-Man, were custom made by DEZ Customs, who recently posted about the shoes on Instagram. "One of my biggest inspirations in this art life," writes the company.

"This was an honor to create for my boy @mohamedsanu for Sunday," they continued, "I took extra time to make sure I paid him the most respect. If you look close you’ll see even Spidey is shedding a tear." Way to pull at our heartstrings, DEZ!

The company certainly outdid themselves with these shoes. In fact, many of us non-sports, collection-obsessed folks are almost cringing at the thought of them getting dirty on the field. They belong in a museum! However, it's nice to know love for Lee is being shared in even the most unlikely places.

The NFL was quick to share a photo on their Twitter account, hashtagging the Falcons motto "In Brotherhood," which fits beautifully into the legacy of Lee.

According to our friends over at, this Falcons V. Cowboys game is set to be a heated one. The Cowboys blame the Falcons for ruining their season last year and this is their chance for revenge. However, we can't help but root for the Falcons today based on these epic shoes alone.

Sanu Sr., the owner of these awesome cleats, has been a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons since 2016, making the move after his stint with the Cincinnati Bengals. You can follow the Falcon on Twitter here.


Athletes aren't the only people outside the giant world of Marvel to pay their respects to Lee. Tributes have been created by everyone from George RR Martin to Marvel's biggest rival, Superman.

As the gratitude towards Lee keeps pouring in, we're relieved to know that he will continue to grace our screen with his iconic MCU cameos. You can see him next in Captain Marvel, which will be released on March 8, 2019.