Marvel Hints at Daredevil Being Shot by Police

As it stands now, Matt Murdock's in pretty rough shape. After Charles Soules' "Death of Daredevil" arc to end the creator's lengthy run on the title, the character carried over into a five issue mini-series title Man Without Fear from Jed MacKay and Danilo Beyruth.

Once Man Without Fear wraps up, Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto will take over the character and...well, it doesn't look like things get any better for Ol' Hornhead. Earlier in the week, Marvel began to roll out the first few covers of Zdarsky and Checcetto's run on Daredevil and one cover, in particular, teases a grim future for Murdock.

On the cover, a beautifully painted piece by Julian Totino Tedesco, Murdock is knocked down on the grown grasping his shoulder, mending to an apparent gunshot wound, as blood stains his face. In the negative-contrast background, cops can be seen approaching the vigilante with guns drawn, possibly hinting that the long-time crime fighter has a run-in with the law.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

When announced as the writer who would be taking over after Soule's illustrious run, Zdarsky previously teased a whole new status quo for the scarlet-clad superhero.

"Things can’t be business as usual no matter how badly Matt wants them to be," Zdarsky reflected. "That was in my head from my first conversations with Charles [Soule] about the book. The character’s been put through a lot over the years, but I think "The Death of Daredevil" is going to be a real “come to God” moment for Matt. What does that look like? What will he become? This series is going to be about big questions and finding answers in strange places."

"I’ve always loved the various tonal takes on Daredevil, but for this run I’ve decided to really go deep on the realities of being a vigilante in this world," the creator continued. "Out of all the main Super Heroes, Daredevil has felt like the one you could do that with."

The tentative solicitation info for Daredevil #3 can be found below.

Daredevil #3
(W) Chip Zdarsky
(A) Marco Checchetto
(CA) Julian Totino Tedesco
Rated T+
In Shops: Mar 27, 2019
SRP: $3.99


Are you looking forward to Zdarsky and Checchetto taking over Daredevil? What do you hope to see in the series moving forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The first book in the Zdarsky/Checchetto run, Daredevil #1, is due out February 6th.