Empire Magazine Reveals Stunning 'Captain Marvel' Subscriber Cover

Marvel's Captain Marvel movie is making yet another promotional splash, thanks to a spectacular new piece of cover art featuring the Marvel heroine, courtesy of Empire Magazine.

Check that out below:

The image seems to invoke themes of Captain Marvel that have taken shape as the film releases more and more promotional material. That theme has to do with Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) discovering the source of her own massive cosmic power, and taking ownership of it, rather than being a tool for use in other people's agenda's - be the Kree Empire, Skrulls, or possibly even Nick Fury and SHIELD. This Cover art echoes that idea, giving us visual cue that not only is Carol the heart of "Captain Marvel," but based on the drawing, she may be on the way to becoming the heart of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, going forward.

That artistic assessment certainly tracks with some of the teases we've already heard about Captain Marvel's future within in the MCU, starting with the character making a major crossover appearance in Avengers: Endgame. There are already hints that not only will Carol be a powerful weapon in the fight against Thanos - she may have the power to actually undo The Snap with the Infinity Gauntlet, which decimated the MCU as we know it.


In addition to this awesome Empire cover art, Captain Marvel also released and entire gallery of new character posters this week, which give each of the characters in the film (some of whom are major additions to the larger MCU) the proper spotlight. The film's fan-fave supporting character, Carol's pet cat Goose, also got some official tie-in merchandise, which seems to be flying off out of stock as fast as Marvel can get it out.

Finally, after a lot of back-and-forth, it seems fully confirmed that Jude Law is playing Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel. Yon-Rogg is a Kree commander with volatile history with both Carol Danvers her predecessor Mar-Vell, and his presence hints at some big twists to Captain Marvel's story.