Captain Marvel Blooper Reel Shows a Kree Dance Party and Samuel L. Jackson Attacking Clark Gregg

With the upcoming home video release of Captain Marvel, fans are starting to get a glimpse of the special features that will come packed with the film courtesy of Marvel Studios. And given that it's a Marvel film, we shouldn't be surprised to the actors having a great time on the set.

Marvel Studios just released a sneak peek at the upcoming blooper reel for the film, which includes cat tossing, Skrull dance parties, Ben Mendelsohn attempting to be a goat, and Samuel L. Jackson accidentally hitting Clark Gregg in the face. Check it out in the video player above!

Captain Marvel has become a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after just a couple of films. After her set up in the post-credits scene for Avengers: Infinity War and her debut in her solo film, Avengers: Endgame positioned Carol Danvers as one of the premiere heroes in for Marvel Studios moving forward.

But it was a difficult task to bring such a powerful character into the MCU, especially as Earth's Mightiest Heroes were facing off against their toughest foe yet in Thanos. But having Captain Marvel set in the '90s helped out Avengers: Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely in cracking her story.

"Well, we were lucky enough that they already wanted to make a period movie, so that it didn't have to conflict with the events of Infinity War," said McFeely. "She didn't have to be ignoring the snap, or anything like that. So, but we wound up writing and filming our Captain Marvel scenes before they wrote and shot Marvel the movie. So we coordinated with [the filmmakers] and with Brie Larson."

He added, "And it's also a weird thing in that our scenes take place 20 years after their movie ends, and there's any number of experiences that could have slightly altered her approach and appearance."

And while some fans might have been disappointed by the lack of Carol Danvers in Avengers: Endgame, McFeely explained that was by design.

"We shot [Brie Larson] before she shot her movie. She’s saying lines for a character 20 years after her origin story, which no one’s written yet. It’s just nuts. Certainly, Captain Marvel is in [Endgame] a little less than you would have thought. But that’s not the story we’re trying to tell — it’s the original Avengers dealing with loss and coming to a conclusion, and she’s the new, fresh blood.”


Avengers: Endgame is now playing in theaters.

Captain Marvel will be released on digital HD on May 28nd and on Blu-ray and DVD on June 11th