Marvel #1000 Cover Changed After Accidentally Using DC Comics Art

Marvel Comics #1000 will celebrate the company's big 80th anniversary, and one of the book's covers celebrates as many memorable moments as possible in an extensive collage of Marvel's history. Thing is, it also managed to include some of DC's history as well, though it was unintentional. The cover was designed by Mr. Garcin, and features a host of Marvel character moments and classic covers, but as one fan noticed it also features an image of Alan Scott and his partner kissing. Alan Scott is, of course, the Green Lantern of Earth 2, which is very much not a Marvel character or universe (via Newsarama).

The image was noticed by Twitter user Symbiobro, who posted the cover side by side with the actual panel from DC, saying "Lol, on this marvel comics #1000 variant they have two gay guys kissing, but it's from a DC comics."

(Photo: Marvel)

The artist of that particular panel Nicola Scott responded to the discovery, saying "Um, that's my gay kiss art. I'm getting a cheque, right?"

Mr. Garcin would later respond, saying "Hi Symbiobro! I usually use comics for my collages, but a few times (5%), I get pictures on the internet. Unfortunately, my mistake comes from here! (sorry, my English is bad)"

Marvel has since said that the variant will be altered to remove that DC panel, which comes from Earth 2 #2, but you can see the unaltered version above.


Marvel Comics #1000 hits comic stores this August, and you can find the official description below.

"MARVEL COMICS #1000 will tell the ultimate story celebrating 80 years of the Marvel Universe, with each page contributed by one of the 80 luminary creative teams. But before it moves forward, the book will look back to its own origin story in MARVEL COMICS #1, first published on Aug. 31, 1939 when the company was known as Timely Comics. The very first panel of MARVEL COMICS #1000 will reflect a panel from the original first issue and go on to reveal more mysteries of the Marvel Universe, featuring an enigmatic artifact known as the Eternity Mask."