Captain Marvel Fans Are Watching the Home Media Release on 90s Tube TVs

Now that Captain Marvel has been released on home media, some Marvel fans have been quick to dust off the old tube television for the prime movie-watching experience, trying to match the era the film is set in. In a Reddit post that's on the verge of going viral, u/TherealDougJudy mentioned they managed to rig their Blu-Ray player to the CRT television and it's about as glorious as you'd expect.

Bought the Blu-ray of Captain Marvel just to watch it on my old TV and act like it is an actual 90’s movie (it’s amazing) from r/marvelstudios

The film, which was set in 1996, was chock full of nostalgic moments, including Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) crashing through the roof of a Blockbuster store and soundtrack appearances from the likes of TLC, No Doubt, and Hole. Ahead of the film's home media release, we spoke with Captain Marvel production designer Andy Nicholson, who revealed the aforementioned Blockbuster store was a set built from the ground-up, featuring actual VHS tapes from the era.

"Yeah, absolutely," Nicholson says about the authenticity of the VHS tapes. "The thing about VHSes is when you can find them, they're not expensive because no one really wants them because they're such low resolution. It took a lot of time with my set decoration department to source everything we needed, but none of the things were expensive."

Since VHS tapes are necessarily on the shelves at big box stores these days, Nicholson revealed the production team would often go to various online marketplaces in hopes of buying several lots at minimal costs.

"Occasionally they'd go on eBay and they'd find you know a crate of videos, but it was about getting the ones from the right year," reveals Nicholson. "It wasn't difficult it just took a lot of time and you know, if you go to the library for a film, there are places you can rent books by the yard from but that is not the case for VHSes and there's not that much call for them, so it took a lot of time."

"We bought a boatload of empty Blockbuster style cases for a lot of the stuff, that was the easy part of it. But you know in Blockbusters, you would also have the original covers and getting enough of those for the store was quite something."


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Captain Marvel is now available digitally and on home media release. Avengers: Endgame continues its box office run ahead of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which swings into theaters July 2nd.


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