Marvel Promotes The Eternals Ahead Of Comic-Con

Marvel is set to have a big presence at San Diego Comic-Con this year, both in regards to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. Marvel has a plethora of events going on in the comics at the moment, most notably Absolute Carnage, but the movie side is a bit more mysterious. That's because their latest release Spider-Man: Far From Home is the true end to Phase 3 of their Marvel Cinematic Universe, and no other films have been officially announced yet going forward. There are some we expect to see of course, but nothing has been confirmed by Marvel. That said, their latest tease seems to suggest that The Eternals will be getting a spotlight at the event.

Marvel took to social media to share a very interesting post featuring The Eternals. They included a photo of the group and added the caption "Who are The Eternals? Get the full lowdown on this god-like race of super-beings with a new #MarvelUnlimited reading list: "

If you head to the link you'll get a full description of the group, as well as some of their biggest stories and arcs, including 1976's Eternals, run from Jack Kirby, Neil Gaiman's Eternals run (2006), and storylines that you can find out more about the individuals like Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, Makkari, and more.

You can check out the official description of The Eternals below.

"The Eternals are a race of god-like beings locked in a millennium-old conflict with the less evolved Deviants and their originators, the Celestials. Each Eternal has watched civilizations burgeon and die from their domain of Olympia – they are immortals blessed with strange, sometimes monstrous, powers."

So, why is this important? Unto itself, it is just an informative post, but releasing it the week of Comic-Con ahead of several panels probably indicates they want fans who aren't as familiar with the Eternals to get a crash course, paving the way for a reveal or two regarding them.


We already know The Eternals movie is coming, but don't know much more than that, so this primer is a solid indicator that we'll get more details during the annual event. Of course, it could be nothing, but it would seem odd for Marvel to get you up to speed on a group this out of the mainstream without a plan.

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