Avengers 2: Joss Whedon Talks Marvel's Phase II at Toronto

Yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival, Marvel Studios's Phase II guru Joss Whedon, director of The Avengers, appeared to promote his upcoming indie film Much Ado About Nothing and discussed the Marvel sequels, including the as-yet-untitled Avengers 2, with 24 Hours Vancouver. The remarks have been picked up and edited down to what's relevant to Marvel by our friends at Comic Book Movie, who brought us the following quotes from the director:

"Very talented people are writing and directing these movies, and what I don't want to be is the guy they dread, who's going to come in and say 'Oh, well I have the power to say change this.' I'm not that." "The creation of the team is not the happy ending. It is the beginning of something that is complex and difficult, and now I get to dig a little deeper. And maybe, while I'm digging, just twist that knife. And that's exciting for me." "It's still in the story stage. But I've been working on it pretty much from about an hour before I said, 'Let's make a deal.' It just caught fire with me. We're hard at work. We would like to be not as rushed as we were with the first one."

No doubt something will be made of his remarks that the first one was rushed, as that seems an interesting sentiment coming from someone whose film has received virtually no criticism.  Second to that, there isn't much else here, excepting that "twist that knife" comment, which seems to suggest that maybe the loss of you-know-who in the first film might not be the end of the tragedy for Marvel's mightiest. The Avengers 2 hits theaters on May 1, 2015.