Avengers: Endgame Star Don Cheadle Defends Brie Larson From Body Language Video Trying To Label Her A Psycho

If you think you can attack one of the Avengers and not have the rest of the team come to their defense, you are sadly mistaken. A perfect example of that is Don Cheadle, who plays War Machine in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Cheadle recently had to come to his Avengers: Endgame co-star Brie Larson's defense on social media after someone decided to break down a body language analysis of one of the Avengers' press tour appearances. The interview featured Cheadle, Larson, and Chris Hemsworth, and according to a body language expert Larson was giving off some bad vibes to her co-star Cheadle. Here is how she described one particular moment midway through the interview.

"I was hoping they'd show her again but he starts talking and she looks over and down at him, so you see the back of the neck is very straight and the chin is downward," Body Language Ghost says in the video. "She's looking down on this child". She could have also said Cheadle here, but can't really tell. "That is so sad. Parents, please raise your children with some humility or this is what you're going to get. You'll get a congressman, potential president, or a psycho pretending to be a hero."

That psycho line did not sit well with fans or Cheadle, who took to social media to share his response, saying "😂😂🤣🤣 you should see my "body language" right now ..."

Cheadle then revealed a detail fans didn't see on the video, explaining why Larson was keeping her neck so straight. "🤣 this is some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard," Cheadle wrote. "brie was trying to keep her ponytail behind her because her hair stylist kept flying in and fixing it. she's actually being OVER accommodating ... amazing ..."

This isn't the first time that some have tried to point out Larson's body language and reactions in press tour interviews either, and it seems some will do anything to take issue with the star and Captain Marvel in general. Her castmates have come to her defense time and time again though, and you really don't want to piss off a group of Avengers now do you? Yeah, we didn't think so, and it certainly hasn't hurt the box office of her big debut, which so far sits at $1.1 billion and is still in theaters, which is really the best mic drop of all.

You can also see Captain Marvel in Endgame, which is in theaters now.



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