'Avengers: Infinity War': Chris Hemsworth Bought Tom Holland's Drinks

Tom Holland may play the youngest Avenger in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, but despite being of legal drinking age, the Spider-Man actor had to have a little help when it came to buying drinks.

Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the upcoming Infinity War, told dailystar.co.uk that when the cast would go out for drinks after filming, he had to buy Holland's beers for him. Hemsworth explained Holland simply looked too young.

"When he is clean shaven, bless him, Tom Holland looks about 12 and the bar didn't think he was old enough to grab a beer, so we had to get it for him," Hemsworth said. "So, while he might be an Avenger and he might help save the world, he doesn't look old enough to get a beer."

While there is something charming about Holland looking too young to buy a beer, the fact that Hemsworth had to buy drinks for him probably didn't do much to help out when it comes to the teasing Holland gets from their other Infinity War co-stars. During press for Captain America: Civil War, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan both roasted Holland by making cracks about the actor's age.

"Every two hours he has to have a Capri Sun break for his juice box," Mackie said at the time.

Of course, even if Holland did end up getting teased about his issues buying drinks it was certainly all in good fun. Mackie in particular has frequently teased the Spider-Man actor, though he revealed during a recent appearance on Good Morning America that the friendly feud between them had come to an end.

"We're cool now," Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson/Falcon explained. "He's been cut down a size."

Mackie teased that his jokes were largely intended to help Holland not get too big of an ego, particularly after his initial casting as the iconic character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man.


"It was a problem." Mackie added. "I mean, you get Spider-Man... he's like seventeen years old, he gets cast as Spider-Man. His head went through the roof. You know, he was Billy Elliot, man. Who else can say that? You know, he went through a tights phase and made it out on the other side. No other brother can say that!"

Avengers: Infinity War lands in theaters on April 27.