Captain America: Civil War Star Reveals He Has 5 Movies Left on Contract

We might not have seen the last of Crossbones after all. Promoting his new Netflix film Point Blank, Captain America: Civil War star Frank Grillo tells he has five movies left on his contract with Marvel Studios. Though exact details weren't shared, Grillo did admit should Marvel come calling, he'd be obligated to appear as Brock Rumlow/Crossbones upwards of five more times.

"You know what? I got five more movies that I'm obligated to do for Marvel if they ever call me," Grillo tells us. "So who knows, man?"

To date, Grillo has appeared in three Marvel films — he debuted in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the leader of SHIELD's Strike team, before meeting his ultimate demise during the opening moments of Captain America: Civil War. Thanks to the time-traveling magic of Avengers: Endgame, movie-goers got to see the former HYDRA operative once more as he was responsible for transporting the Scepter from the Battle of New York.

After revealing he had nearly half a dozen movie appearances left on his contract, Grillo joked about picking up the Captain America mantle after Anthony Mackie was done with it.

"Maybe I'll be Captain America after Mackie," jokes Grillo. "I'll be a middle-aged Captain America. A middle-aged, Italian, Captain America. Think about that."

It should be noted that just because Grillo has five movies left on his contract, it doesn't necessarily translate into the actor actually having to appear. Rather, it simply provides Marvel Studios a safety net for their storytelling abilities. While the movies are there and he's obligated to do them, there's nothing saying Marvel will have the need to call him up.

Mackie himself previously revealed at a convention he found out about the Captain America switcheroo from Chris Evans himself. Though actors are typically only given the specific scenes they're in, Evans let Mackie read the entire physical script he had.

"It was a cool moment, the fact that usually they sit you down, and it's Kevin Feige and all the producers and they're like, 'You're gonna do this,'" Mackie said. "But it was a cool moment that I got to learn it from one of my dear friends, instead of somebody else."


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Spider-Man: Far From Home is now in theaters while Avengers: Endgame will be released digitally July 30th and on home media August 13th.