Captain America Proves He's Worthy of Thor's Hammer in Avengers

Captain America typically has his iconic shield in hand when a battle starts, but every now and then the shield just isn't enough. Luckily Cap is pretty resourceful, which you would have to be if you're facing a Thor that has been overtaken by the Brood, and if he's not going to be able to use Mjolnir, Captain Americawill gladly take it. That's what happened in the newest issue of Avengers, which has Thor struggling against the Brood infection. The only thing keeping it at bay was staying worthy to hold Mjolnir, but at some point, the infection made him unworthy, and he dropped the hammer. A Brood controlled God won't be stopped by a shield alone, and that's when Cap showed he is still worthy to wield the powerful hammer.

It did take a bit longer than he expected though. As Brood Thor charges at him, he needs something to repel him, as if he gets hit with his Uru arm he's toast. He goes for the hammer, but he can't lift it right away, and even says at the moment "I remember this being much easier."

He continues to try and lift it, throwing his shield to distract Thor for a moment. As he attempts to lift it he says says "Think worthy thoughts. Baseball. Apple Pie. Punching Nazis."

(Photo: Marvel)

That's when he finally lifts it, and he uses it to knock Thor back on his feet, buying him some time.

(Photo: Marvel)

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Avengers #28 is written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Ed McGuinness, and you can check out the full description of the issue below.


"STARBRAND REBORN PART TWO: THE DRAWING OF THE HERALDS! A mysterious new wielder of the all-powerful, cosmic super-weapon the Starbrand has arisen inside a space prison the size of a galaxy, drawing the attention of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, along with some of the most powerful figures from beyond the stars. Behold the coming of the Three Heralds. Also, Thor is a Brood now..."

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