Man Tries To Do Parkour With Captain America's Shield

Captain America does a lot of high-flying stunts wielding that signature shield of his. How difficult would it be to pull those tricks off in reality?

That’s the question explored in a new video by the YouTube channel Friggin Boom Toys. They went to a training course in Australia to test out how carrying a shield affects their ability to perform on the course.

“Now Captain Americaholds a shield and it doesn’t seem to stop him from leaping around like a gazelle,” he says in the video. “Now before you go jumping into the comments and say, ‘Oh, you’re not as strong as him. Oh, your shield’s not made of the same type of metal as him,’ I know. This isn’t me trying to prove that the Captain America films are wrong, I’m just trying to find out how hard it is to shield parkour for a normal guy like me.”

He runs the course and discovered that carrying the shield doesn’t completely ruin his ability to perform parkour, but it does require some adjustment. Having one arm through the shield’s straps means he can’t angle that arm like he normally would to maintain his balance. Adjusting that one arm means he has to adjust the angle of his entire body to compensate.

It's the kind of thing that will throw anyone who is used to running parkour without a shield. However, if someone were to dedicate their time to training in doing parkour specifically with a shield, its definitely a skill that could be mastered, though climbing up ropes may still be a bit tricky.

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Captain America will return inAvengers: Infinity War, opening in theaters on May 4, 2018.

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