'Captain Marvel' Concept Art Has Fans Speculating a Major Marvel Character Could be a Skrull

Captain Marvel is finally hitting theaters this week and fans are eager to find out what the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has in store. Thanks to a sneak peak at a page from Marvel's Captain Marvel: The Art of the Movie, a book that takes you “behind the scenes of the highly anticipated Captain Marvel film,” we suspect one iconic MCU character could be a Skrull (the extraterrestrial shapeshifters who often take the form of humans).

Warning: Potential Spoilers…

Thanks to a post shared by u/sergioprism to the Marvel Studios subreddit, a place “dedicated to discussing Marvel Studios, the films and television shows, and anything else related to the MCU,” it looks like a Skrull is going to take on the form of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and we have lots of questions.

Hello, I've seen this image on fb with no context, it could be a possible spoiler! from r/marvelstudios

As you can see, the book shows a Skrull morphing into Fury. However, there are important things to note. First and foremost, this appears to be present day Fury, not Captain Marvel Fury. The new film takes place in 1995 before Fury loses his eye (although, many speculate the eye loss will take place in the film).

This also does not necessarily mean that Fury is a Skull, but rather a Skrull could just be impersonating Fury at some point in the film. The fact that he has the eye patch in the photo means this could either be an image of early concept art or it could mean that present day Fury is, in fact, a Skrull.

Many fans were quick to comment on the post with their own theories.

“It'd have surprised me more if a Skrull didn't impersonate Fury sometime during CM. He's in a position of authority in a secret spy agency, and that could be useful them at a particular point in the plot development,” u/snarkamedes wrote. “Or it's an end credits reveal - the Secret Invasion is starting and we'll get more reveals as each phase 4 movie arrives with the Skrulls replacing and imprisoning the heroes and personnel,” they added.

“That’ll be f****** crazy if Nick was a Skrull this whole time,” u/Shawn13355 wrote.

“It would be crazy but what's the point?,” u/TheLazerShell rebutted. “Having a Skrull create the most powerful team of superheroes to protect the Earth against his own race? The Earth is being fought over for weapons, why the long game? And why in this manner? I mean yeah you do have them rounded up in one place and have access to all the information, but couldn't they have invaded beforehand?,” they asked.

“Or maybe Fury gets replaced by a Skrull some time after Endgame,” u/tony1grendel added.


Clearly, there are many angles, so there’s no way to know just how important this image is. What do you think? It this just early concept art of a Skrull impersonating Fury? Will it turn out Fury been a Skrull this whole time or will he eventually be one? Tell us in the comments!

Marvel's Captain Marvel: The Art of the Movie will be available to own on March 5th. Captain Marvel is hitting theaters on March 8th.