Emily Blunt Says She Was Never Called About Captain Marvel Role

Production on Captain Marvel has finally started and fans are certainly excited to see what Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson can do in the titular role. However, long before Larson had been cast as the heroic Carol Danvers, the internet wanted to see another A-list actress land the part.

Fresh off the success of Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt was one of the top choices by Marvel fans to portray Captain Marvel. The actress even expressed interest in the role at the time. However, Blunt has now revealed that, despite the interest, she was never contacted by Marvel.

While speaking with Screen Crush about her upcoming horror flick A Quiet Place (directed by and starring husband John Krasinski), Blunt was asked about those old Captain Marvel rumors. When the conversation first began, she wasn't even sure who ended up in the role, but seemed happy to know that Larson was portraying the character.

"Ohhh, Brie is playing her. Awesome," the actress said.

This is when the interviewer dug deeper about word on the street years ago that Blunt had a shot at the role.

"Oh, no, nobody ever called me about it," Blunt laughed. "It was all untrue!"

Back when the rumors began, Blunt made it clear that she was interested in playing a superhero on screen. When asked if that was still the case, the actress said that she felt like her most recent role actually filled that void.

"I mean, I think Mary Poppins is a superhero, so I'll just say that she's my superhero." Blunt is of course talking about the upcoming Disney film Mary Poppins Returns, where she takes on the iconic role previously held by Julie Andrews. "Yeah, I think I've fulfilled that. I'll say it's her. Listen, she can fly, she has super powers, she's magical. I'll just go with Mary Poppins."

Some were probably disappointed when word came out that Blunt didn't land the role of Captain Marvel, but it all worked out in the end. Larson's take on the character has quickly become one of the most anticipated big screen debuts of any character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Blunt was free to star in the new Mary Poppins film.

We certainly got the best of both worlds.


Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters on Christmas day. The '90s set Captain Marvel will debut on March 8, 2019.