Comic Book New Releases for July 1st, 2009

Before you rush off to that Fourth of July barbecue or picnic, be sure to swing by your local [...]

Before you rush off to that Fourth of July barbecue or picnic, be sure to swing by your local comic book shop this Wednesday and pick up these explosive issues from all your favorite publishers, guaranteed to cause plenty of fireworks on their own! It's finally here! For Marvel, the biggest release this week is certainly Captain America: Reborn #1. The book, with multiple variant covers, is set to be a bestseller, and Marvel has been relatively quiet on what impact this return will have on a Marvel universe currently dealing with the events of Dark Reign. On the lighter side, Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth debuts, with our anti-hero on a quest to retrieve his own head. Read the book to find out what that means! We can't ruin all the fun! Not letting the boys have all the fun, Marvel Divas #1 drops into stores, focusing on four of Marvel's lesser-used female characters. Also, don't miss the second chapter in the Dark Avengers/X-Men arc Utopia; get Uncanny XMen #513 Wednesday!

DC Comics has a new team seeking justice on Wednesday when Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 starts its six issue run. Led by Hal Jordan, this new team seeks to even the score with the villains who have recently run rampant. Batman and Robin #2 comes out this week, and after high praise from the first issue, expectations are high for this Grant Morrison written series. Blackest Night creeps closer and closer with the release of Green Lantern Corps #38, which concludes the "Emerald Eclipse" story arc. Expect this issue to be key before DC launches the penultimate story of the Green Lanterns! From DC's Vertigo imprint comes Greek Street #1, a gritty, brutal tale set in modern Red Light London. Star Wars: Invasion #1 flies out of the gate from Dark Horse Comics, adding a new chapter to the series of Star Wars titles the company publishes. Find out

more about these adventures of the Jedi in this new book! Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues its season eight run this Wednesday, and look for Hellboy character Edward Grey to fly solo in Witchfinder: In the Service of Angels #1. A big Dark Horse week is at hand! Image's The Astounding Wolf-Man returns this week with issue seventeen, and be sure to look for the spectacular 150th issue of Savage Dragon! Already the 150th? How time flies! Readers who, pardon the pun, ate up issue one of Chew will see issue two released this week, as well as a second printing of number one for those who missed the first round of adventures from this cibopathic detective (use those dictionaries, kids!)

Fans of Boom! Studios and Boom! Kids can expect Mark Waid's Irredeemable #4 and Finding Nemo: Reef Rescue #1 , respectively, this week, and we can't forget the company's other projects with Mr. Stuffins #3 and Muppet RobinHood #2 also hitting the shelves! Happy reading! There's plenty here between fireworks displays and potato salad to keep you busy over the holiday weekend!