'Deadpool 2' Shot Many More Suicide Scenes

In the opening act of Deadpool 2, the Merc' With the Mouth went through quite the ringer as his [...]

In the opening act of Deadpool 2, the Merc' With the Mouth went through quite the ringer as his girlfriend was fridged and, as a result, he tried to take his own life. But that pesky healing factor kept thwarting his plans, resulting in an elaborate suicide attempt that only served to further sour Wade Wilson's mood.

While Deadpool only tried to blow himself up in the theatrical cut, there were apparently many more unused attempts that were filmed during production.

"Originally here, it was much contested — we've had it in and out of the movie a lot — a suicide montage, where Deadpool ends up killing himself a few times," director David Leitch revealed on the Deadpool 2 commentary track.

"What was in the first script of the first movie, didn't make it in, and then made it into the script of the second movie," added co-writer Paul Wernick.

"We shot it, but then ultimately decided the movie didn't need it. It'll probably be in, what, the extras, right? Or the extended version," Leitch said.

If you were curious about whether the montage was included in the Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut, don't get your hopes up — it still hit the cutting room floor in the extended version of the film.

Deadpool was down in the dumps after Vanessa was murdered, which was seen as a controversial decision by some fans. The filmmakers also discussed why they went that route as opposed to having the character leave Wade.

"We had versions where they broke up, and she left him, instead of dying," said co-writer Rhett Reese.

"But ultimately I think this is the only version that really works," Wernick added. "I think by taking everything away from him at that moment, it drives the character for the rest of the movie."

"And he's the Merc' With the Mouth," said star Ryan Reynolds. "It's a lot, and you need to position him in a way that the audience can sympathize with him, and that's hard to do without taking, like you said, everything away from him. So, we were sort of left with this option, and we're so glad we did it 'cause it drives the whole film."

"It's just really f—ing dark, you know? And it's something that we have to juggle and be very sensitive about, is the kind of the waves the ton that these movies take," Wernick said. "It's dramatic and funny and heartfelt, and so it's a delicate dance."

Deadpool 2 is now available on digital HD, and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on Aug. 21st.