'Deadpool 2's Morena Baccarin Shares a Big Behind-The-Scenes Spoiler

Deadpool 2 certainly had its fair share of shocking moments, and now we have a new look at how one [...]

Deadpool 2 certainly had its fair share of shocking moments, and now we have a new look at how one of them came about.

Morena Baccarin, who portrays Vanessa Carlysle in the film franchise, recently shared a behind-the-scenes video of herself getting the visual effects makeup of her fake bullet wound in Deadpool 2. You can check it out below.

Even though it's been months since Deadpool 2 debuted in theaters, fans are still having a bit of a reaction to Vanessa's onscreen death, with many accusing the plotline of falling back on hackneyed tropes. Granted, many of the film's cast and crew members have attempted to defend the scene, including director David Leitch.

"I understand where they're coming from," Leitch told ComicBook.com in an interview earlier this year. "As a filmmaker, I believe I have a record of strong female characters and proactive female characters. But with Deadpool it's different. It's Deadpool's movie, and you need to take everything away from him to humanize him. He can be grating and he can be sort of offensive and he can be all these things, but you need an emotional hook that grounds the movie that we can go on this journey with this character and experience Deadpool."

"And quite frankly, she doesn't leave the movie," Leitch continued. "She is a huge point of contact for him and learning his lesson in the world and learning that one of act of kindness can change history. And I think without her being the vehicle that he learns that from, I don't know, it wouldn't have been the same film and so we wouldn't have had that emotional context. Even the scene at the end where they visit each other in the afterlife, hugely emotional, great performances by both of them. So, again, I don't think she left the movie."

Granted, Vanessa's death does get "retconned" in Deadpool 2's mid-credits scene, so it's safe to assume that Baccarin will be back for more fun wherever the franchise goes next.

Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut is now available on digital platforms, Blu-ray, and DVD.