'Spider-Man/Deadpool' Cover Delightfully Recreated By Army Of Cosplay Deadpools

Spider-Man teaming up with Deadpool has produced some hilarious moments, but it also inspired an army of Deadpools to converge on Dragon Con.

Why you ask? First, you would need to check out artist Todd Nauck's variant cover to Spider-Man/Deadpool #14. The cover, which was a Coast to Coast Comic-Con exclusive, featured Deadpool in a conga line with a sea of Deadpool cosplayers at an unnamed Comic Convention. There's an Easter bunny Deadpool, a Flavor Flav-inspired Deadpool, an Iron Man Deadpool, and tons of others littered throughout.

Above it all hangs Spider-Man, who is, well, a bit embarrassed by it all. He would not be embarrassed however by the job an army of cosplayers did recreating the cover at Dragon Con this year. The image was put together by Hero Dreams Imaging, and features a slew of Deadpool cosplayers getting together on an escalator to recreate the cover.

Plenty of Deadpools showed up, including a muscle man version, all-blue version, a Sheriff Deadpool, a '90s throwback version, and most importantly a Tellytubby Deadpool, because why not?

Actually, he pretty much makes the scene, let's be honest.


The photo was given all of the appropriate logos and titles, and even includes Spidey hanging in the corner. Nauck got a big kick out of the photo, sharing a side-by-side comparison, which you can view above.

The original cover was created by Ed McGuinness, and now we can't help but want to see a cosplay recreation of that cover as well. Who doesn't want to see Nightcrawler punching Deadpool in a confessional after all, right? Seriously, can't be the only one.