Deadpool Star T.J. Miller Sued By Driver Who Accused Him Of Assault

Earlier this month, T.J. Miller — who is best known for playing Weasel in 20th Century Fox's Deadpool and Erlich Bachman in HBO's Silicon Valley — was arrested by the LAPD on suspicion of battery. Wilson Deon Thomas III, a driver of a car service company Uber, accused the 35-year-old actor of slapping him in the face after they argued over Donald Trump and the recent Presidential election.

Hours after his arrest, Miller was released from jail. He was served a misdemeanor battery ticket and will have to appear in court.

The news received more attention than usual as the arrest took place days before Miller hosted the Critics Choice Awards. Before taking the stage, Miller promised to address the arrest during the show, but instead, he used the moment to make a bait-and-switch joke.

Today, TMZ is reporting that the driver is now suing Miller. In the lawsuit, Thomas claims that everything thing was going fine on the night in question until Miller started "inhaling nitrous oxide -- aka 'laughing gas' -- out of Whip-It refills." While intoxicated, Miller allegedly complained about all the money he donated to Hillary Clinton and became increasingly upset about her loss to Trump. Then, Miller supposedly accused the driver of being a Trump supporter and hit him on the right side of his head and shoulder.

"From his first opportunity he has attempted to extort my client TJ Miller by creating a fictitious set of facts and threatening to go public unless he received money," T.J.'s attorney told TMZ. "Mr. Thomas is no stranger to the legal system and is all too familiar with filing bogus lawsuits to extort people."


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