'Doctor Strange' Director Calls Out New Max Landis Project Following Misconduct Allegations

Max Landis is making headlines not just with a few new upcoming projects after 2017's critically disappointing Bright, but with allegations of misconduct as well and Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson isn't thrilled about the former.

Derrickson took to Twitter with his thoughts on Monday, outlining what specifically makes him angry about Landis' comeback.

"What angers me most about this Max Landis comeback is how faux-liberal Hollywood dudes don't say shit," Derrickson wrote. "They're at the ready thinking 'can we condemn Max Landis now? Wait, no? Mmmm. I'll wait for the dogpile.' F*ck that. Hire talented women, not their mediocre serial abusers."

It was recently announced that Idris Elba is in negotiations to star in Landis' upcoming thriller Deeper and that Chloë Grace Moretz had signed on for Shadow in the Cloud, a horror/action movie set in World War II that will see Moretz's Captain Maude Gardner deal with "jeers from the leery, all-male crew" of a B-17 Flying Fortress. However, Landis has been followed by some troubling allegations of sexual misconduct. Near the end of 2017, a series of allegations against Landis popped up on social media and while nothing appeared to come from those allegations, a new report surfaced Sunday in a lengthy post on Medium detailing additional allegations. Derrickson himself retweeted a story that breaks down the Medium piece, telling followers to "read this and tell me why this f*cking guy isn't permanently cancelled."


At this point, it's unclear what impact -- if any -- these latest allegations will have on Landis' new projects. By that same token, not a whole lot is known about Shadow in the Cloud or Deeper. While both films have directors and lead talent attached, neither have full synopsis or anticipated release dates. Both films are listed as being in pre-production status on IMDb. As for Landis' previous film, Bright, that film is getting a sequel without the screenwriter. Last January it was announced that scripting duties for Bright 2 will be handled by David Ayer, who is also set to return to direct the sequel and while there haven't been many updates on the Netflix's film sequel, it was recently reported that Andrew Menzies had been hired as production designer on the film.

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