'Gambit' Gets a New Working Title

The upcoming Gambit movie reportedly has a new working title.It had previously been believed that [...]

The upcoming Gambit movie reportedly has a new working title.

It had previously been believed that Fox was keeping "Chess" as the film's working title, but a new report from Omega Underground says that the film is now working under the title "Forevermore." The report also indicates that the film's production is presently being location scouted in New Orleans with filming set to begin early in 2018.

While specific reasons for the title change are unknown, the report speculates it is because of how public the title "Chess" has been. "Chess" has been the working title for the X-Men spinoff across at least two attempts at making the film previously. This is also not the first time the studio has changed a film's working title. Deadpool 2 originally had a working title of "Love Machine" which was changed to "Caribbean Blue" just prior to filming.

Working title change aside, Gambit has been making steady progress towards production in the last few months. Last week it was reported that the long-delayed film had brought on production designer Jess Gonchor. Gonchor, who has previously worked on True Grit and No Country For Old Men, has previously worked with both Gambit star Channing Tatum and the film's director Gore Verbinski. Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan has also reportedly joined the project.

As the technical side of the production gets sorted out, casting is expected to start ramping up soon as well and while many details of the film -- including elements of the story's plot or who the villain might be -- are unknown, what is settled is a release date. Gambit is expected to open in theaters on February 14, 2019.