Henry Cavill Becomes Wolverine in Epic BossLogic Poster

Yesterday a very interesting rumor hit the internet, which said that Marvel Studios is considering [...]

Yesterday a very interesting rumor hit the internet, which said that Marvel Studios is considering Henry Cavill to be the next Wolverine, and as you might expect it quickly became a popular topic on social media. The Superman and Witcher star is a fan favorite, and it doesn't get more iconic or popular than Wolverine when you're talking Marvel, so bringing those two together would definitely generate a buzz. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to the rumor in the way of sources or confirmation, so this is strictly just a rumor for now. That said, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with it, and that includes BossLogic, who created his own version of what a Cavill Wolverine would look like, and it does look pretty fantastic.

BossLogic revealed the art on his social media, which shows Cavill sporting that trademark Logan hair and his lethal claws are out and ready to tear some people apart. He's not wearing a shirt, showing off the gashes he's taken in this fight, and blood can be seen on his arm, but Cavill's Wolvie seems unphased.

BossLogic shared the art with the caption "Wolverine #henrycavill for some weekend fun", and you can check it out below.

Whoever plays Wolverine will likely be a long term play for Marvel, meaning that they'll likely want to get someone on the younger side so they can have them locked in for several movies. That doesn't mean Cavill is out though since Robert Downey Jr. was 42 when he started the role of Iron Man and Chris Evans was 29 when he started as Captain America, a character who doesn't age like others just like Logan.

Cavill is 36 at the moment, so in terms of age he's in a great spot to take on a longer-term character like Wolverine, though he is quite busy these days with his hit Netflix show The Witcher, which he films when he's not filming other movies. Being a Marvel actor is a big-time commitment thanks to all the interwoven stories in other films and big team-up films, and that would especially be true of Wolverine, who once the X-Men are properly introduced into the MCU will be a major focal point.

Again, this is just a rumor, so we'll just have to wait and see, but it is inspired casting, and we'd be all for it.

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