House of X Writer Reveals Who May Be the Most Powerful Mutant on Krakoa

Marvel has revitalized the X-Men with Jonathan Hickman's House of X and Powers of X, and now it's time to enter a new era of mutant sovereignty and power in Dawn of X. Dawn of X will spin directly out of House and Powers, which has set up Krakoa as a mutant nation that any mutant can call home, and as those who have followed the story know, that applies to both villains and heroes. It's made for some interesting combinations, especially on the Quiet Council of Krakoa, which has Charles Xavier, Storm, and Nightcrawler side by side with Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, and White Queen. It's an interesting mix to be sure, and what is perhaps even more interesting is who Hickman sees as the most powerful mutant on Krakoa, and that happens to be the White Queen.

Fans will follow White Queen's journey in the upcoming Marauders series, which has two main components to it. Part of the series is a pirate adventure that Duggan's been wanting to write for a while, while the other part is one of political intrigue between other nations, Krakoa, and the people who help make it all run in the first place.

"I've wanted to write a pirate book for a long time and didn't know where I was going to do it, and when me and Hickman talked I finally had the chance," Duggan told fans at New York Comic Con. "We are moving the medicines off of Krakoa to the humans and we're on the underground railroad on the way back. Big surprises that we've held back in those books and I can't wait for readers to check those books out."

"I think of all the books that we're doing after House of X, Marauders is the one that reaches the deepest into the mythos and lore we've set up, and he's doing a good job," Hickman said.

Hickman then focused on Emma Frost, who sits on the council and runs the distribution channels between Krakoa and other nations. In her agreement to do that she also got three seats on the Council from Xavier and Magneto, and it's that move that Hickman cites as immensely important. "She's arguably the most powerful person on Kroakoa because she controls about 1 quarter of all the votes," Hickman said.

Frost sits on her side of the council with the Black King (Sebastian Shaw) and the Red King, though the identity of the Red King hasn't been confirmed yet. Most assume it will be Kitty Pryde, but we'll have to wait and see.

Marauders #1 is written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Matteo Lolli with a cover by Russell Dauterman, and you can find the official description below.

Even in this glorious new dawn, Mutantkind faces hardships and oppression from their human counterparts. Led by Captain Kate Pryde and funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company, Marauders Storm, Pyro, Bishop and Iceman sail the seas of the world to protect those hated and feared!
Rated T+"


Marauders #1 hits comic stores on October 23rd!

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