Alice Eve Shares Details About Her 'Iron Fist' Role

The sophomore season of Iron Fist is set to bring a lot to Marvel fans -- including the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of a major villain.

Alice Eve, who is set to appear in the series as Mary Walker/Typhoid Mary, recently teased what fans can expect from her character in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. As Eve revealed, stepping into the role proved to be an interesting - but rewarding - experience for her.

“I can reveal she has multiple personalities and that she’s very, very violent." Eve explained. "I learned very, very hard how to fight like Typhoid Mary and that, for me, was the take away…which I loved."

"Reading comics, I fell in love with her." Eve continued. "She’s completely psychotic and brilliant.”

In Marvel Comics lore, Typhoid Mary is a mutant who who becomes an assassin for various criminal enterprises, including Wilson Fisk and the Hand. She has telekinesis, but one of her defining characteristics is a result of dissociative identity disorder, with three personalities that cause a rapid shift in mood and action. In most recent years, she's worked with the Kingpin both willingly and as an unknown mole, manipulated by hypnotherapy.

While it's unclear exactly how Typhoid Mary will factor into Iron Fist's second season, new showrunner M. Raven Metzner hinted that fans of the character will be happy.

“I think if fans of the comics will look closely, there are moments that are sort of homages to different appearances of Typhoid Mary in the comics.” Metzner revealed.

This arrival of Typhoid Mary is just one of the many things that Marvel fans have to look forward to with Iron Fist -- including a sort of new lease on life in terms of action sequences.

"The majority of fights this season, if not all of them, are performed by all of the actors in the show this season and the doubles were used pretty minimally," series star Finn Jones said in the same interview. "It was awesome, I had such a great time working with Clayton [Barber] and his crew this year. I kind of miss it to be honest. I think fans will be really excited to see how the fight scenes come out because from what you saw last night, they're awesome."


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Season two of Iron Fist is slated for release on September 7th.