Jessica Jones 3 Trailer Introduces Hellcat to MCU

The new Jessica Jones trailer has dropped, teasing fans with what they can expect from season 3 of the show. In addition to giving us our first look at the final season's villain, we also get a look at Trish Walker's transformation into vigilante Hellcat, showing what the MCU's version of the hero will look like. Trish (played by Rachael Taylor) has gradually morphed throughout the first two seasons, and not her transformation will take the next big step, even donning a costume, though it isn't the one from the comics...yet.

As you can see in the trailer around the 1:16 mark, Trish is infiltrating a building dressed in black pants, black zip-up hoodie, and a black hat and scarf around her mouth. It's very reminiscent of Daredevil's first costume and is a far cry from her yellow and blue costume fans know from the comics.

Now, as we also saw with Daredevil, that doesn't mean she won't eventually get a full costume later in the season, though we doubt it will be as bright and colorful as the one in the books if past Netflix shows are anything to go by. Daredevil's suit is by far the most colorful, and that is still using a more muted palette of red.

(Photo: Netflix)

Regardless, we're glad to see Trish becoming Hellcat, and you can check out the first look above.

As for where season 3 picks up, had the chance to speak to showrunner Melissa Rosenberg all about it, including what sets it apart from seasons 1 and 2.


"Well, season three is an active evolution out of one and two. I really look at three as a complete arc and story. So season three is very much the next step for Jessica. If season one and two were about her digging into her past and facing her demons and looking inwardly and backward, this season is about her now moving forward and finding her place in the world, finding her contribution to the world, and if she even has one. We left season two off with her mother seeing in her that she has the potential of a hero and saying a hero is someone who gives a shit and does something about it. Season three is about Jessica doing something about it and trying to live into her mother's quote for her."

Jessica Jones season 3 hits Netflix on June 14th.