Kwity Paye Wore Black Panther Inspired Suit For NFL Draft

Ahead of the first round of the NFL Draft yesterday, The Walt Disney Company naturally flexed their brands having Marvel style covers created for some of the players expected to be taken among the first 32 picks. They weren't the only one wearing their Marvel love though as one player did it literally. Former Michigan defensive end Kwity Paye was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts last night with the 21st pick and Paye sported a Black Panther inspired suit just for the occasion. Not only did he have the suit just for this event, it was all designed by former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Adonis Jennings

GQ writer Tyler R. Tynes revealed images of the suit, writing: "Kwity Paye told me earlier today that Chadwick Boseman being the first Black superhero meant the world to him, so his draft suit reflected that. Suit was made by former Packers player Adonis Jennings." That's not the only thing that debuted last night featuring Paye and his love for Black Panther, as CAA's Football account posted an image of him seated on a Wakandan throne like a cover from one of Marvel's comics. Check them out below!

Paye has been very outspoken about his Black Panther fandom before as he notably performed the "Wakanda Forever" salute as a celebration in games.

"We played Northwestern my sophomore year, and I had two sacks that game," Paye told The Toledo Blade last September. "Ever since then, every time I get a sack I always do 'Wakanda Forever.' I feel like any time I put on the uniform, any time I go out and play, I feel like I'm a real-life superhero. And just watching the movie made me feel like I was a superhero. It made me feel like I was putting on my armor."


The good news for Paye is that he'll probably get some opportunities in the upcoming season to give his salute on Monday Night Football, maybe even when a tease of Black Panther 2 premieres for the world.