Mark Ruffalo Shares Avengers Artwork Recognizing Healthcare Workers As The True Heroes

We've all been indulging in the escape of superhero movie blockbusters for years on end now. However, as a real-world crisis engulfs the globe, it turns out that it isn't super soldiers, or mystical beings stepping up up to save the day - it's the people of the healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses (and all the other hospital staff alongside them) have been battling tireless and at great risk, fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic all over the world. Well, one of Marvel Studios' biggest stars, actor Mark Ruffalo, wanted to show his appreciation for all that healthcare workers are doing for us - with some Avengers: Endgame-inspired artwork, courtesy of BossLogic!


"Heroes are assembling every day. Thank the healthcare worker in your life today." --Mark Ruffalo (via BossLogic).

The act by Ruffalo has inspired so many others to use the thread to post other tributes to healthcare workers - check that out, below. These are just a some of the ways that people all across the globe have chosen to honor healthcare professionals for their truly heroic acts in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Cities like NYC (the epicenter of the outbreak in America) have created massive displays of flickering lights and cheers from windows at specific times , while others are donating any and everything they can in the way of protective gear and other resources healthcare workers are in growing need of. It's a nice way to see people coming together, when it's needed most.

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