Marvel Has Thor Destroy Stormbreaker

Fare thee well Stormbreaker. Thor has already changed a bunch early in Donny Cates’ time with [...]

Fare thee well Stormbreaker. Thor has already changed a bunch early in Donny Cates' time with the king. Now, it looks like one of the iconic weapons from the character's history just got destroyed. Thor #3 sees the hero come face to face with his former ally Beta Ray Bill. Now, Thor is a Herald of Galactus these days and Bill doesn't want to necessarily harm the man that he calls his brother. But, over the course of the issue, it becomes clear that we're heading for a knock-down-drag-out brawl. Feelings make things complicated and there is so much shared history between the King of Asgard and his friend. It would only make sense that things would get really messy when the two crossed paths. *Spoilers for Thor #3 to follow.*

So, Galactus has made a nice meal out of the planet Clypes and Bill is absolutely upset about it. He accuses Galactus of taking his brother under control without his input. But, Thor implies that he's done this of his own regard and the only way to the world eater is through him. From there, the beatdown commences. Thor casts Bill aside and the two have a conversation on the surface of a planet about to blow. However, the King still has a soft spot for his ally and pleads with him to put a stop to their fight. He even drops down a level of power, and this enrages Galactus quite a bit as Thor insinuates that he is working in his own interest.

The proud Korbinite warrior catches Mjolnir after Thor tosses it at him. He refuses to let the hammer go and the Asgardian cautions him to let go before the weapon tears his arm off. After that doesn't work, all Thor can do is call Stormbreaker to him and then smash it on the surface of Mjolnir. When the force of that clash knocks Bill to the ground, Thor retrieves his hammer and moves to possibly dispatch one of his greatest allies.

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Luckily for Bill, someone is watching out for him. A rainbow flash reveals Lady Sif has stepped into the fray to defend the alien from this onslaught. It would seem as though the road to saving the universe from The Black Winter runs through Sif. Unfortunately, the struggle that played out in this issue clearly demonstrates that the King is willing to do almost anything necessary to stop the destruction from coming to pass. But, that resolve will be tested again next issue as another old friend stands in the way of his goals.

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Thor #3 is available right now.