Daredevil: Someone Bought the Hallway Fight Microwave for $250

Earlier today, Propstore launched its massive two-day auction featuring props from Marvel's stable of shows that appeared on Netflix. With hundreds of items on tap, the first day of the auction featured nothing but items featured in Daredevil — that includes a pretty pricey microwave. That's right, one of the show's most iconic microwaves went for a premium, closing out at $250 in cold, hard cash.

The microwave in question came into play in the show's first season, during one fight sequence you most certainly know about. In the series' second episode, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) tracks down a group of traffickers and go through a now-iconic one-shot fight sequence, which came to be known as the inaugural "Hallway Fight." At one point during the fight, the microwave in question in launched into the hallway, hitting one of the bad guys in the face.

(Photo: Propstore)

Since that moment, nearly every season of Marvel Television on Netflix has had its own version of a hallway fight. Daredevil Season Three's fight might be the biggest yet, an insane, 11-minute one-shot fight scene. The fight happened in the fourth episode of the season, "Blindsided," and was directed Alex Garcia Lopez. After the show's premiere, we sat down with the filmmaker to break down the massive moment.

"We kept it very wide on purpose knowing that the plan B in a way, the sort of emergency button was when after he beats up the guards, the prison alarms start going off, because the riot's breaking out and we cut to the alarms are going red, and then darkness," the director tells us. "Red and darkness. We knew the worst case scenario if we had to, we could use the black out to get out of it, but we didn't have to. And if anything, Chris LaVasseur, and Erik, the showrunner, they brought up the gain in the color grade, so that when it goes to darkness, they brought up the brightness, so that you still see it. You still see that it's still the same shot, and we never cut away from it. So honest to God, it's however long it is, 11 minutes, it's just one shot."

(Photo: Marvel Television)

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All three seasons of Daredevil are now streaming on Netflix.