'Agents Of SHIELD' Star Ming-Na Wen On Possibility Of 'Inhumans' Crossover

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD star Ming-Na Wen may have just accidentally let slip the fate of ABC's other Marvel Cinematic Universe series, Marvel's Inhumans.

During her panel at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest San Jose, Ming-Na Wen attempted to multitask by calling former Agents of SHIELD co-star Brett Dalton (Grant Ward) at the same time that she was answering fan questions. The question happened to be about the possibility of a crossover between Agents of SHIELD and Marvel's Inhumans.

"I think that show got-" Wen said and then stopped short before laughing and admitting that, "Maybe I can't multitask."

She stopped before saying the keyword, but if you watch the video above it definitely sounds like was about to say that Inhumans was canceled. That news probably wouldn't surprise anyone. Its first season did poorly as an IMAX event, was bashed by critics and fans, and failed to generate much in the way of ratings for ABC.

Should Marvel's Inhumans continue, a crossover between the two ABC shows would be pretty natural. The concept of the Inhumans was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Marvel's Inhumans referenced this early in its first season, with Black Bolt sending Triton on missions to bring Inhumans from Earth to the hidden city of Attilan on the moon.

The fact that Marvel's Agents of SHIELD's fifth season is apparently taking place nearly a century into the future may pose some problems for the idea of a crossover, but not as much as you may think. The Kree, the alien race that genetically engineered the Inhumans into existence, is the dominant force who have enslaved the remnants of humanity in Earth's dark future, providing a tie between the two series. The preview for the next episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, "A Life Spent,' revealed that Inhumans still exist in that dark timeline.

The Agents of SHIELD Season Five premiere also revealed that SHIELD and Daisy Johnson accidentally destroyed the Earth while trying to protect it. Perhaps SHIELD was trying to protect the Earth from the threat that was hinted at in the first season of Marvel's Inhumans.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.