Moon Knight Steals Ghost Rider's SPOILER

Marvel has launched into the new 'Age of Khonshu' crossover event, which sees Marc Spector / Moon [...]

Marvel has launched into the new "Age of Khonshu" crossover event, which sees Marc Spector / Moon Knight turning on his fellow Marvel heroes, for the sake of some greater mission assigned to him by the Egyptian god Khonshu. In the first chapter of this mysterious new story, Moon Knight tracks down and battles some key mystical figures in Marvel lore, including Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, and Thor. However, there's also one big mystical / supernatural figure that Moon Knight has to cross paths with: Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance! Now that spirit is definitely looking for revenge on Moon Knight, in order to get back what Konshu took from him!

Warning: Avengers: Age of Konshu Part 1 SPOILERS follow!

While Moon Knight throws down with Iron Fist; has a mystical battle with Doctor Strange; beats Thor with his own hammer and imprisons the Thunder God inside a bunch of actual moons! However, when it comes to facing Ghost Rider, even Moon Knight doesn't want any of that smoke!

Instead of facing Ghost Rider one-on-one, Moon Knight (in his "Mr. Knight" persona) opts to hijack his car instead! Robbie Reyes wakes up feeling like something is seriously wrong with his Ghost Rider powers - like he is "puking up a Ghost Rider," as he so eloquently phrases it. Robbie's power drain gets more intense as he scrambles for his car - only to discover that the Hell Charged has been hijacked! We see Mr. Knight driving away with the supernatural muscle car, having a nice signature Mr. Knight monologue with himself:

"This time it's the engine that screams. With soul-burning horsepower. The smell of high-octane vengeance in the night air. The trees burn the road into tar in my wake. This time it's not a prayer but a curse that comes from my lips. I curse myself. For how good this feels."

Avengers Age Konshu Moon Knight Steal Ghost Rider Car
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"The Age of Khonshu" is just skimming the surface of what Khonshu's master plan is, and why the deity needs Moon Knight to go around collecting these various powers. Marc Spector now has The Iron Fist, Mjolnir, The Eye of Agamotto and Ghost Rider's Hell Charger car at his disposal - and he's on deck to collect another mystical prize from Black Panther and Wakanda. It will be interesting to see if these mystically-powered heroes even have the means to launch some kind of response, or if they'll have to delegate to other heroes to handle that mission.

If nothing else, we're looking forward to Ghost Rider facing Moon Knight in a proper fight. You don't mess with a man's car!