Robert Downey Jr. Visits Children's Hospital Before Captain America Civil War Premiere


While they may be at odds during Captain America: Civil War, the conflict isn't keeping the actor behind the armor, Robert Downey Jr., from being a real hero to some wonderful kids.

The Iron Man actor recently made a stop at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (via People) to meet with some young fans, including 7-year old Ethan Miller. Ethan is from Southern Essex, and is fighting a rare blood disease, ITP, and also struggles with type 1 diabetes. Still, he was in high spirits posing with his favorite hero, and in full costume no less, along with his parents Kristie and Lee.

While Downey Jr. was there, he also took the time to meet with some equally adorable little guys and gals from the Lion, Elephant, and Giraffe wards, including one of the cutest Batman's I've ever seen.


You can see the rest of the pictures here. While his schedule is likely packed to the gills, this is the stuff that will always continue to make a difference.