How Spider-Man: Homecoming Should Have Ended

Spider-Man: Homecoming successfully re-energized the Spidey franchise, but evidently the fans wanted a spider-man reunion to happen in the film's final sequence.

At least according to the latest How It Should Have Ended. The popular spoof takes on Spider-Man: Homecoming's ending, but there's much more to it than that this time around. The HISHE crew take on fan submissions for Homecoming, but with over 30 thousand ideas submitted, there's much more here than just the ending.

Two of the ideas took a majority of the submissions, with those being the "language" joke and the "because I'm Batman" moment. Both are great mind you, but there's plenty more to see.

First off is a Thanos appearance, which happens during the gym scene. It seems a very odd place for the mad titan to show up, but then again is it ever really normal for a giant purple guy in a throne to appear? Spoiler, it's not.

Another scene of interest is the second Spider-Man Vulture fight, which in the film ends up with Vulture getting away and Peter stuck in a truck destined for Damage incorporated. In this version that never happens since Spidey's very advanced costume just lobotomizes Vulture this his mask. That training wheels protocol isn't looking so bad now, is it?

The next submission reveals a flaw in Spider-Man's memorial rescue, which sees several students stranded in an elevator that is about to crash to the floor below. As Spidey passes MJ she asks why he can't just go through the front door and stop the elevator from below, which ironically is a very good point. Sure it isn't as cool looking as his window rescue, but it sure is effective.

There are even several versions of the Vulture Spidey car scene, which has Vulture figuring out who Peter is before the dance. As one of the submissions points out, secret identity or not, Peter is superpowered and Vulture isn't out of costume, so why didn't he just threaten him and take him in right there?

It's a solid point but doesn't compare to what the team did with the ending. Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man (in his new suit), and Batman are all at the diner together, as Iron Man talks about the newest addition to the Avengers (he joined this time around). War Machine appears and is a little peeved at Tony for trying to replace him, with Spider-Man saying he doesn't want to replace anyone.

After he says that would just suck, Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man appears, saying "Yeah. It does suck! Being replaced sucks a whole lot!" He's quickly joined by Tobey Mcguire's Spider-Man, who agrees with Garfield. "Now you know how I feel," Mcguire says.



You can view the full video and even more submissions in the clip above.