Stan Lee Wants a Marvel and Harry Potter Team-Up

Legendary Marvel creator Stan Lee would like to see a few of his creations, including Doctor Strange and the X-Men, attend a semester at Harry Potter's alma mater, Hogwarts.

Lee took to Twitter to tweet at Harry Potter's creator, JK Rowling, suggesting that if she ever wanted to bring the Marvel Universe and the Wizarding World together that he would be totally okay with the idea.

"Hey @jk_rowling if you ever want me to send Doctor Strange & The X-Men to Hogwarts to teach a few classes, just let me know," Lee tweeted. "I think they could also hold down the fort against Voldemort."

While the idea of bringing together the superhero universe of Marvel Comics with Harry Potter's magic-based adventures may seem like an odd idea at first, there's actually quite a bit of similarity between the characters Lee names and Harry Potter's universe.

Doctor Strange is the obvious choice if you're talking about bringing a Marvel Comics character to a world filled with magic. He is the Sorcerer Supreme after all and would make an obvious choice to become the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher if the position was open (and knowing how the position is treated at Hogwarts, it almost certainly would be).

The connection between Hogwarts and the X-Men may not be as immediately obvious, but it is there. In fact, fans have been noting these similarities for years, with some X-Men fans even (unfairly) claiming the Harry Potter is something of a rip-off.

Think about it. Hogwarts is a school for young people with innate gifts that muggles do not have. They attend the school so that they can learn to control their magic abilities and use them for good under the guidance of a headmaster, Dumbledore, who believes those with magic and those without can coexist harmoniously alongside each other. This idyllic vision is challenged by an old friend of the headmaster, Voldemort, who believes that those with magic have sacrificed more than enough to muggles and begins a terrorist campaign for those with powers to take control of the world.

This should sound pretty familiar to X-Men fans. In the case of the X-Men, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is a place where young mutants born with powers that normal humans do not possess attend school so that they can learn to control their gifts and use them for good under the guidance of a headmaster, Professor X, who believes that humans and mutants can coexist peacefully alongside each other. Xavier's dream is challenged by his old friend Magneto, who believes that mutants have been persecuted for long enough and begins a terrorist campaign for mutants to rule over homo sapiens.


So yes, the similarities are definitely there, which is all to say that while a Marvel and Harry Potter crossover is incredibly unlikely outside of fan fiction, there is material there to work with.

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