The 12 Days Of X(-Men)-Mas

It’s the holidays, so we thought we’d have some silly, pun-fueled fun here at [...]


It's the holidays, so we thought we'd have some silly, pun-fueled fun here at As an alternative to "The 12 Days of Christmas," here's a countdown of 12 things related to Marvel's Merry Mutants for "The 12 Days of X(-Men)-Mas."

Yeah, we know it's silly, but cut us some slack. It's X-Mas.

Here's the countdown, beginning with "On the twelfth day of X-Mas, Professor Charles Xavier gave to me…"


12 Mutants To Destroy The World

Anyone else remember "The Twelve" storyline? With X-Men: Apocalypse coming up soon, we should probably reread that.


11 Madri Mutliplying

The abilities to duplicate yourself is always a handy skill during the holidays. Makes the cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping, and decorating all go by much more smoothly.


10 Guthrie Sibling

They're not all pictured here, but trust us, they exist, and half of them are mutants!

dystopian timeliens

9 Dystopian Timelines

Cable and Bishop's respective futures, Days of Future Past, 2099, Age of Apocalypse, Here Comes Tomorrow, House of M, Old Man Logan, Age of X…the X-Men have ties to a lot of unpleasant timelines, none of which you really want to visit over holiday break.


8 Mutant-hunting Sentinels

Who invited these guys again?


7 X-Men Movies

And five of them are even watchable!

six teen girl sidekicks

6 Teen Girl Sidekicks

Wolverine seems to get one for Christmas nearly every year, and none of them want to have to sit at the kids table.

all new xmen 01 and 02 cover by martegracia-d5cwuqb

5 Time-Displaced Originals

They won't be going home for Christmas, thanks to Beast. Worst. Gift. Ever.


4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The worst kind of Christmas party crashers.


3 Adamantium Claws

Great for carving a ham, or whatever other dead animal your eating. If you've got these claws, you've probably hunted and killed it yourself.

tumblr mj74i9WNXz1qcrhtio1 500

2 Identical Wives

And you think your family dinner conversation is awkward.


And a cosmic Phoenix Force entity to restart the species.

It doesn't fit it any kind of tree, but that's okay. #CyclopsWasRight.

Merry X-Mas.