Thor: Ragnarok's Chris Hemsworth Reveals His And Tom Hiddleston's Part Time Job

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(Photo: Instagram / @chrishemsworth)

With the advent of online media, it's easy to see why people are calling print media passé. Sales continue to decline for traditional news mediums like magazines and such, but it seems like a new marketing strategy could convince some readers to return to old-fashioned print. After all, there are few things in this world that would get fans to read the news, and two of them are Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. And, now, the duo have revealed they've started 'working' part-time selling papers.

Just sellin papers with my mate @twhiddleston #parttimejob #thorragnarok @taikawaititi

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Not long ago, Chris Hemsworth told fans about his unexpected career change in an Instagram post. Uploading a picture of him sitting outside a newsstand with Tom Hiddleston, the actor said he was "just sellin papers with my mate @twhiddleston #parttimejob #thorragnarok." Sitting in collapsable chairs, the duo are sporting their respective characters hairstyles, leaving Tom with slicked back locks. Chris, however, is rocking a ponytail that's no doubt holding back his long, blond hair.

But, if you look closely at the photo, you might see a few points of interest. In particular, the newspaper stand behind Chris holds a smattering of papers which all feature headlines about Thor. The papers, which all appear to be from New York, have headlines like "Hammer Attack" and "Time Square Murder." One publication has the title, "Has Thor Returned! God of Thunder Strikes It Up With Lady Justice." And, according to another paper, it seems like "Villain Loki Spotted" was their biggest story of the day.

Whether these headlines have any connection to Thor: Ragnarok seems unlikely, but fans aren't ruling the option out. But, most importantly, fans just seem amused by the gag props as one of them even features a photo of a dude cosplaying as a Ronald McDonald-meets-Thor monstrosity.

As for the location in general, it seems as if the duo are currently shooting Thor: Ragnarok in Brisbane where the film's set has moved. News broke that the set had been constructed to look like New York, fueling rumors that some characters might appear on the Big Apple's streets. And, if this photo has anything to say, it appears as if Thor and Loki might be taking a trip to the metropolis. So, really, somebody better warn Tony Stark about the upcoming visit.


Currently, there's no word on what the brothers might be doing back on Earth, especially when fans remember that Thor: Ragnarok is meant to be set mostly off Earth. But, given Marvel's secrecy, fans won't likely learn about the scene until the film's release date draws closer.

Thor: Ragnarok is set to hit theaters on November 3rd 2017.