WandaVision Episode 1x03: Ultron, Quicksilver, and Vision Comic Mystery Explained

Ultron was finally name dropped in WandaVision and the curtain on what’s going on here is being pulled back. In the video above and article below, we’re talking about WandaVision Episode 3, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it and come back! This is here to be your guide whether you think you know it all or you’re brand new to it all, as we try to make sense of what exactly is going on in this Westview world Wanda seems to be in complete control of. So, let’s talk Easter eggs and Marvel, spoilers ahead!

The episode picks up where its predecessor left off and Wanda goes through her pregnancy in an expedited fashion, going through all three trimesters and delivery in just one episode. She gives birth to Billy and Tommy, aka Wiccan and Speed. Wanda first gave birth to Billy and Tommy in 1985’s The Vision and Scarlet Witch #12. There is a nice call back in the episode, because although Doctor Strange helped her give birth in the comics and wasn’t in this episode, "the five fingers… five toes," line did inspire a line from the doctor in this episode where he says, "20 fingers and 20 toes!"

With how quickly time passed in the pregnancy, I won’t be surprised if time passes in the kids growing up, resulting in us getting Wiccan and Speed in the series in one way or another before the nine-episode run concludes, even if it means the kids are stripped away because they were made with Mephisto’s life essence. We’ve seen teases of Mephisto already, like a 666 on the Stark Industries toaster and Agnes teasing the devil is more than in the details.

quicksilver scarlet witch
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Wanda recalls her brother Pietro, a Marvel character who appeared and died in Avengers: Age of Ultron because somehow they thought it was a good idea to have a character whose power was super speed get killed by a bullet...

The memory of Pietro causes Geraldine to drop character and become Monica Rambeau, realizing none of this is real. So, Wanda expels Monica out of her sitcom. this reminds me a bit of the Victor Mancha character in Tom King’s The Vision book. Victor Mancha was sent in to get information about The Vision family when the Avengers saw Vision as a possible threat to the world, so it’s possible SWORD has sent Monica into Wanda’s weird little reality to try to gain insight or prevent something bad from happening. This would explain why all of the other people who are a part of this reality don’t know much about her, as evidenced by Agnes and Herbert’s conversation with Vision outside.

WandaVision Monica Rambeau
(Photo: Marvel)

Wanda is a twin, she gave birth to twins, and in comics Vision is technically a twin, too. His consciousness is a replication of Wonder Man’s, and not only did we see Wonder Man art on set in a recent promo for WandaVision but there’s just so many little pairs of dots, like on Vision’s tie and the knobs on the toaster and several other places. Wonder Man was present in the comic issue where Wanda gave birth, and so was the Grim Reaper, who has his head piece appear in Episode 2’s opening credits in animated Easter egg form. Wonder Man already appeared in the MCU on a poster in Guardians of the Galaxy, with Nathan Fillion the movie star counterpart of the character Simon Williams. Maybe he shows up here?

Shout out to the Simser paint Wanda uses in the nursery. This is a reference to WandaVision’s storyboard artist Jeremy Simser. Bigger moment: Wanda accidentally makes the butterflies in the nursery real, which could be an indication of her losing control of her powers as she does in the House of M comic to make this reality real.


The episode ends with Wanda lying to Vision about sending Monica packing. SWORD runs up on Monica, they might’ve been monitoring the show in Episode 1 to decide how to dress her when they send her in undercover, and it seems like we’re starting down a path towards Wanda being a villain which is very much in line with the House of M comic where the Avengers and X-Men are all but ready to kill her as she loses control of her powers.

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