Sophie Turner on Shocking Mystique Scene From X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailers

Potential spoilers for X-Men: Dark Phoenix follow! The trailers for X-Men: Dark Phoenix reveal [...]

Potential spoilers for X-Men: Dark Phoenix follow! The trailers for X-Men: Dark Phoenix reveal what might be one of the bigger spoilers for the film. In one of the promotional looks at the film set for release in early June, it appears Jean Grey's (Sophie Turner) descent into undesired villainy is fueled by an encounter which might cost X-Men character Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) her life. The emotional sequence sees a action-packed beat between Turner and Lawrence which leads to Jean Grey apparently isolating herself as she loses control to the Phoenix Force. Turner, while speaking to in the video above, opened up about the scene.

"It was, I don't know how much I can talk about this," Turner said. "I mean, we didn't really talk, again, we didn't do much preparation for this scene, but it was definitely like a highly, highly emotional scene for the both of us, personally I think."

Turner wanted to dodge giving too much away while speaking ahead of the film's release. However, she did explain how the cast members such as herself and the villain of the film Jessica Chastain establish their on-camera chemistry. "I don't think we really did much developing," Turner explained. "I think when you have a really good relationship with someone off-screen, then you can just kind of do anything, but we never really, it was all in the script."

If Mystique is to be truly killed off in Dark Phoenix, it could be one of many shocking beats of the film's narrative seeing as it could be the last hoo-rah for the near 20-year X-Men franchise. A conclusion was what writer/director Simon Kinberg had in mind.

"I approach this movie as the culmination of 20 years of storytelling, of living with the X-Men for all this time and watching this family come together, and this movie is the movie that challenged that family and tears them apart in a new way," Kinberg said. "And so I imagined it as the culmination, and I even pitched it to the studio, as this is the culmination of this cycle of X-Men stories. Which there will be more X-Men movies in the future no doubt, but this particular cycle with this cast, it felt like it was time to do kind of what Game of Thrones has done, what Endgame has done, really see them challenged in a new way and sort of survive and go off into the sunset."

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7.