Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over This Disney/Pixar March Madness Bracket

March Madness has certainly been true to its name this year. Basketball fans have witnessed the first-ever 16-seed victory, courtesy of University of Maryland Baltimore County, and Loyola-Chicago has taken their Cinderella story all the way to the Final Four in San Antonio.

But madness isn't just for basketball this year, as Disney/Pixar fans around the country have lit Twitter aflame this weekend with a controversial bracket of their own. Users have found a way to rekindle the age-old debate: Which Disney movie reigns supreme?

The bracket, which you can find below, pits 16 Disney animated movies and 16 Pixar films head-to-head, allowing fans to choose who should be left standing at the end of it all.

On the left side of the bracket you'll find the Disney movies. It's clear that the bracket only included the modern Disney classics, as the oldest film in the group is The Little Mermaid, which was released in 1989. The collection consists of The Lion King, Tarzan, The Princess and the Frog, Lilo & Stitch, Tangled, Big Hero 6, Frozen, Moana, Aladdin, Hercules, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Mulan, Zootopia, Beauty and the Beast, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Over on the right side we've got the lineup of Pixar movies. This includes Up, Brave, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Coco, Cars 3, Toy Story 3, The Good Dinosaur, Ratatouille, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Monsters, Inc., Cars, The Incredibles, and Wall-E. The only three Pixar movies missing from the lineup are Cars 2, Monsters University, and Finding Dory.

You would think that much of the debate would come down to the Final Four, where it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Aladdin and The Lion King would represent the Disney side, while Toy Story and The Incredibles would join the fight from Pixar. However, there were plenty of folks who raised debate by having all sorts of upsets throughout every round.

Ryan Rosenblatt went with the new hit as his pick to win it all, giving the Academy Award winning Coco the title. This bracket also included the massive upset of Wall-E over The Incredibles in the first round.

The bracket below also raised quite a bit of conversation as Ratatouille went on to win the title, beating out a Final Four that consisted of The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin, and Toy Story 3.


Of course, there were plenty of folks online who just felt that all of these brackets were beyond wrong, and they let their feelings be known.

Who do you think should take the belt in this Disney/Pixar showdown? Check out the bracket below and let us know your winner in the comment section!

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