Mark Wahlberg's 'Six Billion Dollar Man' Pulled From Warner Bros. Release Schedule


Warner Bros.' Six Billion Dollar Man movie seemed to be suffering some setbacks after it was announced early last summer that the film was being delayed. Well, it seems that delay might've been the herald of a slow death, because it's now being reported that Six Billion Dollar Man has been pulled from WB's release schedule entirely.

The reboot was supposed to star Mark Wahlberg in the titular role. It was originally slated for May 31, 2019 release, before getting pushed back to June 5, 2020. This was the second release date change for Six Billion Dollar Man, after the film was initially expected to debut in December of 2017.

Based on the Six Million Dollar Man television series, the film would've seen Wahlberg as Col. Steve Austin, a pilot who is saved by an experiment that gives him bionic body parts. Wahlberg seemed excited about the approach they were taking, telling us the following when we spoke to him in 2017:


"We finally got the script for The Six Billion Dollar Man. Now that's not your typical superhero because I will not put on a cape nor a spandex outfit, but the script is amazing. We've been developing it for quite some time and finally got it to where we want to go shoot the movie, so hopefully we will shoot in the fall."

This project would be the latest attempt to bring The Six Billion Dollar Man to the big screen, with various versions of the film being in development over the past twenty-five years.Kevin Smith was tied to a version in 1995, with his script ultimately being adapted into Dynamite's The Bionic Man comic series. A comedic adaptation starring Jim Carrey was attempted in 2004, as well as a version from Richard Anderson. Wahlberg's version could never nail down a director, which is cited as a major reason why it ultimately failed.