Batman vs. Superman Concept Art? The Artist Says No

Everybody tap the brakes on those Batgirl-in-the-next-movie rumors.While storyboard artist Steve [...]

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Everybody tap the brakes on those Batgirl-in-the-next-movie rumors. While storyboard artist Steve Scott's rumored Batman vs. Superman concept art--which depicts Ben Affleck in the Christian Bale Batman costume from The Dark Knight Rises--has embraced the Internet hysteria around his piece and is selling it on eBay, famed comic book artist Jock denied outright that his Warner Bros. art, which went viral overnight, has anything to do with the hugely-anticipated Man of Steel sequel. When everyone and their brother started running with the story that Jock was working on concept art for the movie, a fan used the #AskManOfSteel hashtag for tomorrow night's social media fan event promoting the Man of Steel Blu-ray release to address Jock directly, asking whether the art in question was from Batman vs. Superman. The artist's response was direct:

Thanks to Latino Review's el Mayimbe for clearing that up; he's the one who tweeted Jock's denial to Forbes's Mark Hughes and myself, among others.