Batman vs. Superman: New Jersey Still Hoping to Stand in For Gotham


While speculated (just a while ago) that Batman vs. Superman's shifting their filming location to Detroit might indicate that the Motor City is standing in for Gotham, Newark, New Jersey, is apparently not yet out of the mix. Or at least that's what the city, which was Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises, hopes. "They haven't contacted us yet," New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission executive Steven Gorelick told the Star-Ledger. "But it's like a James Bond movie. They film in all different places." He added that New Jersey native Michael Uslan, who has produced every Batman film since Tim Burton's 1989 franchise-starter, will likely be lobbying for the state. "If there's any chance (of returning to New Jersey), he'll help push for it," Gorelick said.