Ben Affleck Spent $50K On Building A Batcave Entrance In His House

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Back in August, first reported on how Ben Affleck built a Batcave entrance in his house. Kevin Smith, who purchased Affleck's old house, told the story during one of his Hollywood Babble-On podcasts. According to Smith, Affleck took him into a room at his house with a beautiful bookcase. After Smith remarked, "That's nice, a lot of books," Affleck clicked a hidden button and the bookcase started moving. An excited Smith exclaimed, "You built a f***ing Batcave." But Affleck said, "I built a Batcave entrance." Behind the bookcase was a panic room with a TV, phone, and stuff in case someone broke into the house and he got trapped. Smith has since retold the story a couple of different times, but his latest retelling to Entertainment Weekly yielded some new information. Smith said, "I asked him, 'What did that cost to do?' He was like, '50 thousand bucks.' I was like, 'Worth every f–king penny, man.'"