Black Hammer Creators Ink Licensing Deal to Complement Upcoming Movie Franchise

Getting ready for Black Hammer to hit the silver screen, Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston have signed [...]

Getting ready for Black Hammer to hit the silver screen, Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston have signed a new licensing deal that is set to help with merchandising and apparel for the acclaimed indie franchise. According to a new statement from License Global, the Black Hammer property will now be represented by the UK-based Reemsborko as its worldwide licensing agent. Charlie Olsen, literary agent from Inkwell Management, struck the deal between Reemsborko's Max Arguille and Lemire and Ormston.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Reemsborko to create a full range of products for fans to show their love of the Black Hammer universe," Olsen said in a statement.

"This property is just so exciting," Arguille adds. "I enjoy superhero comics and films as much as anyone, but audiences are ready for something a little different now. Black Hammer is here to cure superhero fatigue. Clearly, Legendary also think so. Reemsborko is open for business on this right now, so licensees can get their ranges in store in advance of all the onscreen activity."

Though previously reported, the news also confirms Black Hammer is currently in development at Legendary Entertainment as both a movie and television series. "Legendary has optioned the entire universe, not just the one story," Lemire told us last summer. "It's a very ambitious adaptation and I'm currently working on the first piece of that, writing the screenplay for the first project within what we hope could be a shared universe for film and television."

Lemire's been attached to the project as a screenwriter as well, allowing him a further retrospective as he continues to develop the Black Hammer comic series through spinoffs and new characters.

"That's been cool, too, because you're going back and looking at the earlier Black Hammer stories, and then finding ways to translate them to screen opens up new ideas that way," the writer added. "There's been a couple of things we've developed or I've developed for the film and television stuff now, that I've gone back and started working on comic projects based on some of those ideas. One is feeding into the other and back again in an interesting way that I didn't expect."

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