Corin Hardy On The Crow Reboot - "It Ain't Over"


Last Wednesday, Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation — producer of 1994's The Crow — filed papers in bankruptcy court seeking to deny Relativity Media rights to sequels, prequels and remakes of The Crow. One of the major issues brought up in the filing was how director Corin Hardy was handled. The in-demand director has been attached to the project since December 2014 after being proposed by Pressman and agreed upon by Relativity. But this past January, producer Mr. Dana Brunetti, acting on behalf of Relativity Media, "summarily removed Mr. Hardy as director of the Picture." That cost The Crow remake valuable time and resources and a director that seemed visually suited for the dark material.

This weekend, at the Jameson Empire Awards, Hardy won the Best Horror award for The Hallow and took a moment to vaguely discuss The Crow. "I can only say it's been a very interesting week," he told Empire. "You have to keep watching, really, because it's quite a complicated situation. It ain't over."

Listen to Hardy's comments in the video below.


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