Dark Knight Rises Game From Mountain Dew Proves Getting in the Batcave is Hard

A new, interactive Gotham City website launched today as a tie-in with the new Batman-themed [...]

A new, interactive Gotham City website launched today as a tie-in with the new Batman-themed Mountain Dew flavor, Dark Berry. In it, you can see schematics of the Batman costume, the Tumbler and headlines from Gotham City papers to keep you apprised of what it is what Bane's doing. There are four areas in the game, but only three you can currently unlock:

  • GC Convenience store, where you get the aforementioned newspapers as well as quite a lot of marketing about Dark Berry Mountain Dew; so far, none of the newspapers have actually become available to read except for from a distance, and you can hear rioters outside chanting the whole time you're there.
  • The Gotham City Police Department, where you can search files or upload your own mugshot. The whole time you're there, you hear the same bit of chatter in a loop on the police radio, including the phrase "We got him." Got who, I wonder...! While you're there, you can check out a press release from Gotham City Hall announcing the Dent Act, which gives wide latitude to the Commissioner to wage war on organized crime in Gotham and is likely buried with a number of Easter Eggs. Check it out below yourself if you want! It seems worth noting, too, that in addition to Batman, Catwoman and Bane's photos being on display in the PD, you can see a photograph of The Joker if you know where to look.
  • Lucius Fox's applied science lab, where you can work on the tumbler and get specs for all of Batman's wonderful toys. You can also design your own Tumbler, if you're into that kind of thing.

Open as soon as 5 million fans redeem codes found under bottle caps and inside soda packaging (or, more accurately, once 5 million codes have been redeemed) will be the Batcave, where fans will be able to access exclusive footage. At present, that level is only scheduled to open on July 8 unless the 5 million codes come in sooner, at which point it'll happen immediately. Most of the rest of the site works like the MyCokeRewards site does; you can trade in your bottle redemption codes for prizes and enter raffles to win bigger-ticket items like a custom PS3 or a Dark Knight Rises script signed by Christopher Nolan. "We have a good mix of items that are branded both exclusive Dew and Dark Knight Rises, and some pieces that really tap into Gotham City to get fans excited about the movie," says Zach Harris, senior brand manager for Mountain Dew, in an interview with USA Today. You can also use the site to track the Tumbler Tour, although arguably the most interesting thing that they have to offer is tickets to advance screenings of The Dark Knight Rises--that's something we were led to believe might not happen at all, but apparently the good folks at Mountain Dew have an inside track.