Writers Guild of America Slams Disney & Fox Deal

Some are already considering the fallout of today's historic deal between Disney and 21st Century Fox, including the Writers Guild of America.

The Walt Disney Company acquired $52 billion worth of 21st Century Fox assets earlier today, in a move to bring its audiences better content. But according to a statement from the WGA, this deal will have negative results - namely, making it more difficult for writers and other creatives to earn fair wages.

“In the relentless drive to eliminate competition, big business has an insatiable appetite for consolidation." The statement reads. "Disney and Fox have spent decades profiting from the oligopolistic control that the six major media conglomerates have exercised over the entertainment industry, often at the expense of the creators who power their television and film operations."

"Now, this proposed merger of direct competitors will make matters even worse by substantially increasing the market power of a combined Disney-Fox corporation." The statement continues. "The antitrust concerns raised by this deal are obvious and significant. The Writers Guild of America West strongly opposes this merger and will work to ensure our nation’s antitrust laws are enforced."

The Disney/Fox merger has been met with a pretty profound response in the pop culture world, with many wondering what exactly comes next. With this deal, Disney will now own an array of new franchises, including Avatar, Kingsman, and a slew of action and sci-fi classics.


In terms of particular franchises, there will be an impact too. Marvel Studios is easily the most affected, with the studio now owning the film rights to the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Deadpool. And in terms of Star Wars, this deal provides Disney and Lucasfilm with the initial theatrical cut of Star Wars: A New Hope.

(h/t: Entertainment Weekly)