Disney Gets Dark With Creepy Villains and 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Gear

Fans of Disney's dark side might enjoy some of the items that just went up for pre-order in their [...]


Fans of Disney's dark side might enjoy some of the items that just went up for pre-order in their Villains and The Nightmare Before Christmas lines.

The new releases include a Jack Skellington backpack, handbag, and wallet from Loungefly, who always make great stuff. Then there's a Sleeping Beauty Maleficent wings handbag that's our favorite item from the bunch. You can pair that bag with the Maleficent horns baseball cap, which features a delightfully scaly texture. Rounding out the list is a stylishly grim Snow White Sleeping Death poison apple handbag and The Little Mermaid Ursula seashell handbag.

You can pre-order the entire collection via the links below. Keep in mind that the prices include free shipping and delivery is expected in September and October. Pre-order quantities are also extremely limited so jump on your favorites quickly.

Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent Horns Cap - $26.99
Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent Wings Handbag - $56.99
Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack - $49.99
Nightmare Before Christmas Handbag - $56.99
Nightmare Before Christmas Wallet - $27.99
Snow White: Sleeping Death Handbag - $56.99
The Little Mermaid: Seashell Ursula Handbag - $56.99


If you like the gear listed above, you're probably the kind of person that would be into Disney's new Villainous board game from Wonder Forge. It allows you to take on the role of Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts, or Prince John in an attempt to pull off evil schemes. In other words, it's a board game where you're the Disney villain and are rewarded for doing villainous things. It's available to order right here at Target with a 10% online discount when you use the code GENCON at checkout (the sale ends just before midnight on August 11th).

If you still need convincing, here's more info on how the game works…

As noted, you can take control of one of six Disney villains in the game. Each villain has their own storyline that's based on the events of their movies - Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Robin Hood. Each villain also has their own board (their "realm" as it were), villain deck, fate deck, guide, and token. The fate deck includes heroes like Ariel, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Robin Hood, and Dormouse that can be used to thwart the villain's plans.

Each turn, the player moves to one of four locations in their realm, then takes actions that correspond with that space. There are different actions associated with each space and players can take those actions in any order that they see fit. Villains draw cards from their villain deck, which helps them move closer to their objective. Heroes picked from the fate deck can impede the villain's progress and players are encouraged to use these fate cards to foil the plans of their fellow players while simultaneously working to achieve their own goals. As the game tagline notes, "the worst takes it all".

Each villain exists only in their own realm, so there aren't any crossover opportunities here, but there is loads of replayability potential. As you familiarize yourself with each villain's individual style, you will become more adept at utilizing their decks to achieve victory.

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