Fantastic Four's Miles Teller: I Want Fans to Know We Respected These Characters

During an interview in support of his new film Whiplash, Fantastic Four star Miles Teller said [...]

During an interview in support of his new film WhiplashFantastic Four star Miles Teller said that the film respected the characters and history of the Marvel Comics property, and reiterated some of what we already know about the film.

"I want [fans] to know that we really respected these characters that we're playing, we really respect the history and the material that we're doing and Josh Trank has a very clear tone. That's his gritty, grounded, honest interpretation of people with powers," Teller told Entertainment Tonight in the video embedded below.

In spite of the fact that Fantastic Four has already wrapped principal photography and is set for a release in less than a year, little is yet known about the film, which will be directed by Chronicle's Josh Trank. The film also stars Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell and will be in theaters on June 19.